Michael Stasis with Lou Tides and CasC
C'mon Everybody Presents:

Michael Stasis with Lou Tides and CasC

Michael Stasis
Lou Tides
Ages 21+
Michael Stasis mines the sun-bleached sounds of '70s AM radio for inspiration, weaving in a pre-industrial grind and psychedelic guitar work

Michael Stasis:

Michael Stasis is a compulsive songwriter living in Philadelphia. His entirely self-recorded output has spanned the last fifteen years and boasts a variety of odd styles borrowed from his multiple lives in the Pennsylvania woods, New York City, The Bay Area and Los Angeles. Having studied film and sound at the renowned Cooper Union in Manhattan, Stasis is primarily concerned with investigating pop motifs rather than committing to a fixed persona. While this eclectic, almost academic artistic approach has led to confusion among critics, his work is always accessible and he maintains a coveted position in the pantheon of "weirdo" songwriters.

Bored by the monotheistic urges of rock 'n' roll, Stasis quietly worships Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces." But it is not for lack of cohesion. To be sure (after twelve releases), behind the collection of masks is a familiar tone, humorous occult charm and limitless imagination; a palpable style emerges from his "fake pop songs," longing cinematic soundscapes and bizarre poetic exercises.

Lou Tides:

Lou Tides is an exploration in shape, dark textures and long forms. Moving away from the brighter palette of her band, TEEN, Lou Tides is the outlet for the raw, the sides of creativity that are not fully expressed in a pop format. Performing mostly solo, Lou Tides is also a movement-based project, focusing on movement as communication in addition to sound and story.


New project from Pat Noecker and Ryan Black + Alex Phillipe Cohen of p k bo, Power Mystery. CASC is Noecker’s first joint effort since These Are Powers, an experimental group that disbanded in 2011. Writing in collaboration with Black and Cohen, CASC provides a fitting addition to his past art-driven projects such as LIARS, n0 things and These Are Powers . This go-round he finds himself in the vocalist position while simultaneously pulling off “Cell Phonism” - his coined brand of cellular-based sounds. Cohen slathers the rhythm and abstractions with a melodic musical sense reminiscent of Tinarawin, Ravi Shankar and Beefheart. Black keeps their unrestrained songs on the rails with his repetitive casio drones and defined melody/anti-melody bass rumbles.

They recently recorded their debut EP "Flight" at Lone Pine Road Studios with Eli Winograd (Guardian Alien) and are currently playing shows in Brooklyn and on the East Coast.

Venue Information:
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238