Public Speaking, A Bunch of Dead People, Wsabi Fox, Eternal Garb

Public Speaking, A Bunch of Dead People, Wsabi Fox, Eternal Garb

Public Speaking
A Bunch of Dead People
Wsabi Fox
Eternal Garb
Ages 21+
Presented by Floordoor Records


Eternal Garb is the solo project of guitarist and producer Zach Ryalls (Supplier, formerly of A Bunch Of Dead People & Afuche). His instrumental albums create a dizzying avalanche of sound and beats, tugging and pushing the avant-garde in new exciting directions.


GUSHING is a strong and powerful EP, with emotion, dissonance and melody in abundance... a testament to progressive rock’s creativity and a salute to the new ways in which music can create affecting soundscapes and auditory hybrids.

—James Aiden, Jamsphere

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Brooklyn's Public Speaking is the soulful noise project of sound artist and songwriter Jason Anthony Harris. Live, he uses voice, found objects, radio, synth, and tape recorder, poring over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources.


A vehicle for the compositions of Ruben Sindo Acosta with horrifying contributions from Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos, Corey Zaloom, David Kurutz, Alex Goldberg, Rose Rutledge & Johnny Butler. It is Hypnotic Soul & the Funk of the Occult. Mind Above All, Heart Above All Else.

Venue Information:
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238