Julia Haltigan with Midtown Staxx and Michael Kammers & Ricky Quinones
C'mon Everybody Presents:

Julia Haltigan with Midtown Staxx and Michael Kammers & Ricky Quinones

Julia Haltigan
Ages 21+
Tix: $10 advance/$13 doors 21+

Acclaimed bombshell songstress Julia Haltigan embodies New York. She grew up on NYC’s Lower East Side when it oozed a heady mix of danger, possibility, and art. Julia emerged from it all a sensitive badass who rides vintage Triumph motorcycles and sings primal rock n’ roll with smoldering expressivity.

It has been only fitting Jameson Whiskey selected Julia for their music program representing various U.S. cities. The appointment made Julia consider her surroundings, and pen the quintessential Julia Haltigan New York musical statement. Today, she announces a series of single that pay tribute to the street-tough poetics and gritty rock n’ roll of Big Apple icons like Television, Blondie, Suicide, Lou Reed, and, even, Beastie Boys. Her upcoming singles are produced by native New Yorker Andrew Raposo with one track produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek.

There is hollowness and grit that epitomizes New York rock n’ roll. The music is lean, soulful, jittery, and overflowing with vulnerability and juicy tales told with literate flair. Julia’s to-be-released collection of songs captures this vibe with an artist-in-her-natural-habitat panache. The songs were tracked in true New York fashion, during freewheeling sessions that featured a host of old friends with accomplished careers.

Select standout singles from this oeuvre include “Wool,” “Debris Of Love,” and “Ice Cream Switchblade.” The mystique-drenched, golden-oldie ballad “Wool” will be Julia’s first single. It’s a sweltering and surreal sonic adventure that namechecks the East River and Central Park. It blurs the line between reality and too-hot-in-the-sun delusional fantasy. “Debris Of Love” vibes 1970s CBGBs art-punk, and offers forth a carefree jolt of summer romance. Here, she captures the fast and hot love of couples sneaking in intimacy against the city’s ruggedly urban backdrop. “Ice Cream Switchblade” is another dose of tightly-coiled proto-punk, and this wiry track winds through the realities of NYC childhood.

TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek produced Julia when she worked with Scarlett Johansson & Kendra Morris in the band Sugar for Sugar, and, here, he makes a cameo to produce the single “Bad Habits.” The song is a quiet-fire torch ballad that’s as haunting as it is sensual.

Julia has toured extensively through the US, and throughout the UK and Ireland. She has performed as a part of the Varvatos Music Series, filling the store over capacity leaving a line around the block, and live on tastemaking radio personalityVin Scelsa's show Idiot's Delight. She’s also shared the stage with such venerated names as Judy Collins, Shannon Shaw, Steve Earle, Norah Jones, Cory Chisel, Rhett Miller, Nicole Atkins, among others. These days, she is part of the Jameson Whisky artist roster alongside Shannon Shaw (of the Clams), Robert Ellis, Katie Schecter, Ayron Jones, Twelve’Len, Kami, Cedrice, and Wes Watkins.

Outside of her solo career, Julia moonlights as the slinky Jessica Rabbit-inspired jazz crooner “Vivian Fairchild” in the off-Broadway hit Sleep No More. When not onstage or in the studio, Julia can be found straddling a 1970 Triumph Bonneville.

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