Saavan's Trust Benefit Concert
Presented by Bulletproof

Soma Holiday

Joy Cleaner

Casual Male

Ages 21+
Help us build a safe, brand new school for these children and listening to some great music while doing it!

Saavan's Trust has been created to provide grants to build schools in less privileged parts of the world, specifically in rural areas where there is currently no support for vulnerable children. Our work will have a significant impact on the community and go some way to help reduce poverty.

Our first stop will be in Barmurikona, a small village within the Assam region of India.

Currently there is only a small pre-primary school in Barmurikona and the older children must walk over 5km to reach their nearest primary school, which involves crossing a national highway and a river. As you can imagine, these conditions can be hazardous and during monsoon season consistent flooding means they are unable to walk there at all. The new school will have capacity for 850 students from Barmurikona and the surrounding villages, giving local children the education they deserve.

Tickets: $25

Venue Information:
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238