Future Heart, Holiday Mountain, Elevator Party

C'mon Everybody presents:

Future Heart

Holiday Mountain

Elevator Party

Fri · July 28, 2017

8:00 pm (event ends at 10:30 pm)

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Future Heart
Future Heart
Why Future Heart?

Two reasons:

1.) No member of Future Heart has ever been convicted of a felony.

2.) Future Heart makes music for everybody. We're talking EVERYBODY. Rich, poor, big, small--you name it.

Here's the scoop...

Future Heart is an eight-piece, Brooklyn-based, eclectic band, made up largely of North Carolina natives, with transplants from Texas and Maine. They are perhaps best-described as Psych Pop, though if that means nothing to you, be assured you're not alone.

How about this: Picture a party--a fun one--a sweaty party. Picture some drinks, dancing, maybe some weird outfits and hair. Now picture a band on stage. Picture Future Heart (see photo section if you need help). Now picture some damp, but otherwise approachable people throbbing around the floor to a driving beat, while humming a melody. Picture a guy in the corner who's not that into it. Get rid of him. Picture five beautiful women instead. And some fellas--whatever you want.

Good picture, right? That's probably as close as we can get you if you haven't heard the music.

You might be thinking, Okay, I'm done reading that last sentence. Now I wanna know about their influences.

Future Heart pulls from a potpourri of creative work for inspiration, ranging from The Talking Heads to John Coltrane--from James Brown to Fela Kuti--from Earth Wind & Fire to Elliott Smith--from Czeslaw Milosz to Steve Wilkos.

Sounds great, but what's the catch? What is it they want?

You. Future Heart wants you. Their silly music means nothing if YOU don't listen to it. Future Heart could talk all day about "influences this, North Carolina that," but at the end of the day, they know the music is what counts. They may be handsome and cool, but they sure ain't stupid.

Why I should I listen to Future Heart?

You're already on their website, for one. Secondly (and they would never say this themselves), it's safe to say they've got some marginal talent. To call them "music experts" might be pushing it, but members of Future Heart have honed their skills with groups such as (but not limited to) Reptar, Yeasayer, Trioscapes, Between the Buried and Me, Mean Little Blanket, and The Brand New Life.

For any other questions--get at us on email.

The Future is Now.
Holiday Mountain
Holiday Mountain
Holiday Mountain is an electronic music duo founded by Mexican-American songwriter/keyboardist Laura Patiño and drummer/producer Zander Kagle. The two met in Boston while attending Berklee College of Music and together found a genre-expanding sound, fusing together their affinity for electronic music, hip-hop, and pop to create a force so strong. When describing their sound, NPR exclaimed "resistance is futile."

"After witnessing their atomic live set, you'll be rendered breathless," says SPIN magazine, who also named the band one of their favorite things from SXSW 2015. "Make sure to watch to the end" urges The Wall Street Journal, as audience members are regularly exposed to glittery crowd surfing, sweaty drum solos, and being fed cake until they reach "a cacophonous climax." (SPIN)
Elevator Party
Gotta get up to get down!
Brooklyn based band, born in the fall of 2016.
Eric Biondo- trumpet and synth
Ricky Quinones- Guitar and vocals
Audrey Casey- Drums and vocals
Venue Information:
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238