UPLIFT BK! Exalt Youth Benefit feat. Qaasim & The Juggernaut War Party, Wishes And Thieves, Mr. Reed, Alba + The Mighty Lions and DJs Yah Supreme and Modrums

C'mon Everybody presents:

UPLIFT BK! Exalt Youth Benefit feat. Qaasim & The Juggernaut War Party, Wishes And Thieves, Mr. Reed, Alba + The Mighty Lions and DJs Yah Supreme and Modrums

Wed · December 20, 2017

7:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

The second benefit concert in the Sound Mind Collective's Uplift! Brooklyn series. All proceeds will be donated to the NYC Campaign For An Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB).


This democratically run campaign consists of a wide swath of New Yorkers coming together to replace our city's ineffective police oversight structures with something more equitable and transparent. Currently, complaints against police officers are filtered through the CCRB (Civilian Complaint Review Board), which consists of individuals appointed to their positions by the mayor, the police commissioner and City Council members. Prosecutions against police officers are handled by the DA's office, which has a vested interest in maintaining a good relationship with NYPD.

The amount of conflicts of interest in the current system suggests that it is designed to create the mere appearance of accountability rather than actually seeking to promote a healthy relationship between police and citizens, and the outcomes we constantly see show us that it's a norm for cops to get away with abusive behavior. This year we continue to learn more about impropriety in the NYPD and CCRB, and it becomes increasingly clear that a change is needed.

ECRB Campaigners have drafted legislation that will replace the CCRB with a Review Board consisting of elected citizens, and will create a Special Prosecutor position to handle prosecutions against police, bypassing all the current conflicts of interest, and operating transparently. Last year, the campaign made a huge step forward by finding a City Council sponsor, Inez Barron, for its legislation, and this year the campaign seeks to spread the word and channel all the voices throughout the city critiquing the current status quo towards the realistic, tangible, systemic solutions this legislation proposes.

The Sound Mind Collective has put together a powerful lineup of artists-- Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew, the Resistance Revival Chorus, Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality, DJ Xpect, and more to be announced-- for a night of music and activation, where we can celebrate movement towards a safer, more just NYC.
Qaasim & The Juggernaut War Party
Enter the Juggernaut! Founded by frontman Qaasim Middleton (American Idol, Naked Brothers Band, HBO’s Music In Me, Netflix’s “The Get Down, FX “Atlanta”) Juggernaut War Party is quite a collective, consisting of Qaasim, (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Khalil (vocals, MPC), lead guitarists Jonah Hudson, Emmet Sher and Joseph Deadwiley, drummer Andres Valbuena, keyboardists Jack Gruber, Tyjhai Stephens and Francisco Haye, with Ethan Cohn and Paul Johnson on bass.
You may remember Qaasim from his awesome run on American Idol Season 14, when he performed with Chris Brown and Pitbull and was lavished with praise from J-Lo, Harry Connick Jr. & Keith Urban. However, After returning from Idol, The Juggernaut War Party concept was birthed at AFROPUNK BATTLE OF THE BANDS BROOKLYN, on June 22nd, 2015, when Qaasim and his bandmates entered the contest to showcase their skills and original Funk/Rock/HipHop/Soul fusion material. They did extremely well for a brand new group, making it to the very end, eliminated in the Finals. This year, Qaasim & The Juggernaut War Party came back with a vengeance! They entered the AFROPUNK BROOKLYN BATTLE once again, and won the online voting round and the preliminary round, and came back again to win Runner-ups in the finals and, thus, won a spot to perform live on stage in this year’s Afro Punk Festival!! What a feat well-deserved!! They are back with even MORE vengeance to TAKE the TITLE and win the throne of The BOTB’s with hopes of capturing a FEATURED spot, once again, on the AfroPunk Stages..but THiS TIME as WINNERS!! This group will absolutely delight you with music that will touch your heart and soul!!

ARE YOU a JUG or NOT? #JuggernautWarParty2017
Wishes And Thieves
Wishes And Thieves
Mr. Reed
Mr. Reed has performed on the many great stages of New York City and around the world, including within his hometown of East New York Brooklyn, on the subway platforms, of New York City; Barcelona, Spain; and at Centraal Station in Amsterdam, Netherlands as an effective marketing tool to gain attention for his work. He has acted in, written original music, lyrics, score, and co-written treatments for commercials for major brands, such as Gillette, Guitar Center and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern, referring Mr. Reed's performance on America's Got Talent, said, "I think Mr. Reed is a huge star...my hat is off to you, when you open your mouth and sing, it is absolutely beautiful."
Alba + The Mighty Lions
Alba + The Mighty Lions
A lil' bit country, lil' bit soul, lil' bit rock n' roll. Led by former Del-Reys frontwoman, Alba Ponce de Leon, Alba + The Mighty Lions recalls 70s country rock with its emotionally charged songs, memorable riffs, and sharply written lyrics. The band is comprised of longtime collaborator Mike Deller (Charles Bradley + His Extraordinaires, Budos Band), Derek Nievergelt (Robin McKellen), Robin Schmidt (Ikebe Shakedown), and Marian LiPino (La Luz). Together they blend soulful swampy southern blues with loose rock n' roll vibes. Songs range from painfully desperate pleas to defiant declarations of female strength, with psychedelic cowboy love songs thrown in for good measure. Their forthcoming debut album, recorded by Vince Chiarito (Charles Bradley, Ikebe Shakedown) tows the line between tight arrangement and free-flowing jam session- a tension that echoes the control we seek in life and the heartbreaks that lead us off course.
Yah Supreme (DJ)
Recording artist Yah Supreme purveys digital b-boy funk from his latest opus, Naked City. The Brooklyn native waxes esoteric (and alternately—erotic) through rhythm and poetry, accompanied by Valerie Evering’s lithe melodies. Ray McNaught embellishes with lively drumming and syncopation while co-producer Tiger-VS-Cobra manipulates Ableton/MIDI consoles in real time. Each tune is a frisky synergy of vintage and virtual instrumentation tethered to themes of voyeurism/exhibitionism and social connection.
Venue Information:
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238